Recommended Wedding Vendors & Other Good Info

We are licensed and insured for beer and wine and would be happy to give you a quote for that service. Need a bartender? We’re licensed and insured for that. Ask about our reasonable rates.

Though we are known for our pies, we can do simple "cutting" cakes or cupcakes too. As always, we bake everything from scratch.

Need to find a local vendor? We’ve worked with the following and highly recommend them:

Wedding Officiant

Wedding planner


Hair: Salon



Janelle at Morningsong Farm is a local farmer who grows/designs lovely floral arrangements. Highly recommended!

Beer and wine: ask us about pairing beer and wines for  your menu. We can quote you a price for per guest unlimited drinks on a per-hour basis, or order in selections for you at normal market prices by the bottle, can or keg.

Pro tips for the bride

Pro-tip no 1

Reduce your headache factor! If you don’t have a wedding planner, make sure you have a designated person (NOT the bride, mother of the bride (or groom), or anyone else in the wedding party), to make and keep a timeline, and supervise the decorating, etc. This person should keep you organized and be the person in charge/point of contact for your caterer, DJ, florist, etc.

Pro-tip no 2

Make a box of “little things” you will definitely need such as: needle and thread, iron, scissors, tape, stapler, corkscrew, pen and paper, ziploc baggie or two, wet wipes, tissues.


It's a nice touch to create a box of toiletries (hairspray, hand lotion, feminine hygiene, curling iron etc, that ladies might need) to put in the washroom. Someone will be grateful you did!

Pro-tip no 3

Don’t trust your RSVP’s. People don’t respond the way they used to in the old days. Allow some extra time and enlist friends to start calling guests two weeks ahead of the wedding. When considering your guest count for food, make sure you’re counting yourself, the wedding party, wedding planner, photographer, D.J., etc (ask us about vendor discounts). Make sure you have enough food ordered!

Pro-tip no 4

Be super-organized. Make lists and cross things off your list. Start your planning early and do as much as you can as soon as you can. Make timelines. Enlist an organized friend. When things get done on time, you can relax and enjoy yourself !